Playing by the Book
Playing by the Book




After years and years of working at a bank, I did what so many fantasize about doing: I quit my job and wrote a novel.

But the real story starts long before that.

At the age of 31, I was at a low point in my life. I was not only a closeted gay Christian, I was also a virgin, having spent the prior 20 years believing that Jesus would somehow “heal me” from homosexuality.

One day, my doorman introduced me to Paul, a neighbor who happened to work at the same bank I did. Paul and I struck up a conversation and, before I knew it, I was up in his apartment having drinks. The second time Paul invited me over for drinks, he also invited his “friend,” whose name was also Paul. That night, the Pauls started explaining that they were actually more than just friends when I barked out, “Yeah, I’m gay too.” We were all fast friends after that and got together for drinks two or three nights each week.

The Pauls not only taught me that you can drink every night of the week, they also helped me lose the shame I felt for being gay and begin living an authentic life. They also introduced me to a magical world filled with incredible gay guys. After five months, I was no longer closeted and I was no longer a virgin.

More importantly, living authentically helped me look inside myself and embrace my passion, which is writing. I quit my day job and took the next five years to write a novel, which was published by Magnus Books in June 2014.

I eventually decided to go back to work and now get paid to write every day. At a bank.

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